Why Rice?
The influence of Rice on humankind reaches far back in time. Rice has been grown in Asia for the last 7,000 years. Recent findings in China indicate that this may in fact be 10,000 years. From the terraces of China to the lowlands of Sri Lanka, it is cultivated on all continents except Antarctica.

Stimulates Growth and Development in Body typesetting industry. Rice is source of Carbohydrates which gives energy to body and aids in the normal functioning of the brain.

Boosts Immune System Rice has natural antioxidants and insoluble fiber which helps protect against cancer and heart disease.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals Rice contains variety of vitamins and minerals which supports general functioning of the organ systems.

Supports Cardiovascular Health The antioxidants from rice helps to reduce cholesterol level in blood vessel and reduce blood pressure.

Aids in Weight Loss Rice helps to increase fat burning or metabolism and also cholesterol free food.

Boosts Skin Health Rice benefits to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and signs of skin aging.

Rich Source of Dietary Fiber Rice is full of fiber which benefits to the digestive system and the excretory system.

Why Thai Rice?
There are several types of rice around the world while the two main categories of rice are wholegrain rice and white rice.Wholegrain rice is high in nutritional value because itis not much processed, whereas white rice is more processed so that the bran or outer covering is removed, leaving it with less nutritional value.

The land and location is one of the key factor that make rice have different characteristic and one of the most famous rice is “Thai Rice” which grows in Thailand, the country that have greatland to plant and provide great product to consume.

The unique characteristic of “Thai Rice” are the Aroma scent and a good texture, that is the reason why the professional of rice cracker, Master Rice,was established her first factory which located in Thailand and use “Thai Rice” to produce the greater rice cracker snacks that you won’t find from the 2ndplace.

About Our Brand

At Master Rice, we are the master of rice and know all about how to make greater rice snack and food. Simply a new level of snacking and light filling enjoyment.

Each and every of our products is Natural and Flavorful given deliciously thinner, crispier and longer lasting taste. You feel so good from the first bite till the last one. Master Rice snack made from 100% THAI RICE, the world’s best quality rice and seasoned with great deal of natural ingredients.Then, bake through our exclusive method to give full flavour and goodies. Eating rice snack has never been this right and more delicious.
Thinner, Crispier With Long Lasting Flavours